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Obama, the new DR. ISM…Public beware!

change-to-socialism Sixty one years ago we were warned of the “ism’s” that are threatening our freedoms and rights. Since that time we have become like ostrich’s, hiding our heads in the sand and ignoring the inevitable. I encourage each and every one of you to watch this cartoon and be reminded once again the price that will be paid if we drink from the bottle of the snake oil of the salesman, today that salesman is our very own President, his congress and his many czars…It is time to wake up America and run “Dr. ISM out-of-town for his tonic is toxic to our liberty and way of life that our forefather’s had envisioned for us…………..

A war with Fox News or is it really a war against America, herself?

angry-obama We have all heard of this war the White House is having with Fox News but is it really justified? Fox is merely reporting the stories that the so called “main stream media” wants to bury in the back pages or merely chose to ignore. I would dare to say that the war isn’t with a news media but with America herself. For the first time in my adult life [those words sound so familiar] I am amazed at the audacity shown by this administration. Do they really have our best interest at heart? If so, where are the jobs that the stimulus package that was forced upon us promised? Can you explain why unemployment is quickly reaching depression era percentages with it being at 10%? Why do we need the government making crucial medical decisions regarding our health? When it is clearly proven they can’t run the programs that have been in place for many years? Why do we have our military in a country that the administration clearly from the beginning said that we had to be there, to complete a mission only for the commander in chief to be so indecisive regarding the troop’s needs and take his time responding to a General that he placed his trust in? So in my humble opinion it goes much futher than being at war with a news agency that is merely reporting the truth….They have exposed at every chance his deciet, his Chicago-style thuggery…his many czars that he refuses to let speak before congress but yet they are key in advising “the One” on issues that affect us all….A war on Fox news?…I say it is a war waged upon the American public……………………………………..

Committments, lies and empty promises….

Obama haloHe said that he would make our government open and transparent, no more secrecy. Has he forgotten these speeches in which he has given? We certainly have not seen transparency nor have we seen an open government. What we have seen is the left trying to ram their socialistic agendas down the throats of the American people with the failed stimulus package that never generated any jobs as evidenced by unemployment rising daily. He has spoken about bi-partianship but we have yet to see evidence of that unless if you count Olympia Snowe’s “historical” vote on the Baucus’s bill. We have Pelosi and Reid more determined to push this public option through without the American public being able to view it online as was promised. So how do we take this man seriously when all he does is to give us a false sense of security. Come 2010 we will make a mandate as to our representatives and we will vote out those who fail to listen to their constituents. This government was formed to be by the people for the people and our voices will be heard, no longer will it be acceptable for anyone in Washington to simply rule on legislation for their own greed and their seek for power. Time has come for accountability for all… Seven lies in two minutes and to think we have three plus years……………………………………………………………

Thank your military with arms wide open…..


With all that is going on in Afghanistan and again the violence is breaking out in Iraq it is of great importance to “Thank your military.” They are in a strange land fighting to keep us safe and free from harm. They are someone’s child, someone’s spouse, someone’s parent, someone’s sibling….Show them your appreciation……”with arms wide open”…………….


~God surround them in your mercy and keep them safe~

~God Bless the USA~

Farcical Nobel Peace Prize 2009


According to Nobel’s will, the Peace Prize should be awarded to the person who:

“ during the preceding year […] shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses

Obama was sworn into office on Jan.20,2009 as President of the United States of America…Apparently by Feb.1, 2009 he was nominated and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize…I ask you, what had he done within a matter of a few weeks to be so deserving?
He doesn’t come close to the likes of previous winners such as Mother Teresa. She truly led a life in service to mankind, bringing real hope and change to the millions that she touched. How does he even begin to compare? Premature?…..need you ask?…………….Yes, I too see this as being a farce……………………….

Broken Promises………

SuperStock_1433R-933565During the campaign and in recent days we have heard how this administration will be forth-right and place pending bills on the internet, c-span for not only the American public to view but those that, We the people, intrusted with our votes to read these bills and be able to make informed bi-partisan decisions. To date this promise has not been adhered too! Where is the “accountability” in which you speak?……………………

House Leader John Boehner (R-OH) speaks of Pelosi, Reid and others trying to push these bills through without giving the public a chance to view these bill, it is time they listen to the will of the people or given the power invested into us by our Constitution, We the People will have a say! That being our VOTES!!!

Listen to the Generals..Afghanistan…..

HarperVESTWe have heard the pleas of the Generals for more troops needed in Afghanistan. Please call upon this administration to support our military. We do not fail, we don not surrender. We are American’s .. We are the brave, fighting to keep freedom strong…this may be difficult to watch, but we need to see what they are up against. God Bless Our troops, God Bless the USA