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“Kentucky’s Stomp-gate”

“Oh my!” What a week for Kentucky! This past Monday we had another debate between the candidates seeking the Senate seat that is being vacated by Sen. Jim Bunning. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this race as it has been one of the most expensive and nastiest campaigns in sometime. Kentucky’s Attorney General, Jack Conway and Bowling Green opthamologist Rand Paul are both attempting to get themselves elected but at what expense? Prior to the debate on Monday there was a most disturbing incident that involved a horrendous act of “thuggery.” Yes, “thuggery” is no longer a term that depicts the political nature of cities like Chicago but it has come to the bluegrass state as well. I am voting this Tuesday but I will be protesting the senate race as I, like several people within the state are very unhappy with our choices to support. I cannot support Conway due to his most liberal views that has him being a possible puppeteer for the administration and his platform on abortion leaves me no option but to denounce him and “chock” my vote. Paul, on the other hand [this is my opinion] has co-opted the Tea Party movement in the state and many have left the movement in protest due to the almost frightening way Paul has been made out to be “the one” to save this nation from destruction. Sound extreme? It has long been his plan to reform the Republican party and has the support of Alex Jones, David Duke and Adam Kohesh..Could it be these people are to Paul as Bill Ayers was to Obama?…But I digress, as I have written about this before and when you have the time you can scroll through my post and read how it was during the primaries back in the spring. I was supporting and blogging for Bill Johnson and the type of behavior from the “Paulinistas” never got as violent as the incident outside the recent debate but the nasty comments made on social sites like Facebook and Twitter had several people frightened. The emails were nasty and the whole primary quickly soured. You all have heard that it was a plant that attempted to give Paul a “fake” award and as she approached his vehicle to “shove” a sign in his face, she was violently thrown to the ground and had her upper torso stomped by Tim Profitt who is now being brought up on charges and others may also have to answer for their actions. I in NO way support the actions of this lady or the group that she is affiliated with. What concerns me is how many within the state want to downplay the violence because; A. she has a criminal background.. B. she is a liberal and all liberals deserve this type of treatment…C. she isn’t a Rand Paul supporter! I find it rather hypocritical of these people who claim to be ardent defenders of our constitution but are quickly stepping up to denounce her first amendment right to assemble and freedom of speech. Many have wondered where the secret service were [this I found most amusing]! The secret service do not protect candidates unless they are ummm..the President..including past presidents as well. The Kentucky State Troopers guard Conway because he is an elected official of this state. I am sure Rand Paul has his own security as well and that this [former] co-chairperson for his Bourbon County campaign office was not on security duty the night of the incident. The woman [whom I have chosen not to all know who she is] suffered only mild discomfort from this attack but the situation could have been much worse. The upper torso is composed of many fragile bones, nerves and could have easily been fractured or punctured a lung, which would have caused extensive problems for this woman who was attempting to make “her” statement. Violence is so main stream any more that maybe its not seen as dire as I do. Women, regardless of political affiliation, race, creed or religion do not deserve to be treated in such a manner. I find it appalling that people within my state are so quick to think this was the appropriate way to handle the situation and make Kentucky a laughing stock of the nation. I encourage you to read more on this event from respected bloggers in the state and read their take on what I am now calling “stomp-gate.”

The Tea Party Movement in Kentucky Split Over Rand Paul, Part Two and Paul supporters go a little too far
Watch this video and you decide…

I want to be in Kentucky when the end of the world comes, because it’s always 20 years behind

JCPS and We The People

The Jefferson County Public School system boast about their ability to educate our children, the future of our country. Their mission statement:

The Mission of the Jefferson City School District is to ensure that each student achieves his or her maximum potential through a challenging educational system characterized by pride through excellence

This however is in question as they are going against the Supreme Court when they ruled two years ago that the Jefferson County redistricting plan was, unconstitutional [emphasis mine]. Yesterday on 10-10-10 the Louisville Grassroots Teaparty held a rally downtown at Jefferson Square. There were approximately 500 in attendance while the liberal Courier- Journal estimated only 200. A petition was circulated and signatures obtained to stop them from being hypocritical and to hold them accountable for the 4% increase to our property taxes. Helloooo…we are in a recession! [emphasis mine once again] As Marilyn Parker so eloquently put it:

Education is 50% of our tax burden. 50% and for
what? For 40 failing schools, for math scores 2 grade
levels below the national average, for college reading
scores..2nd to last.

I invite you to listen to the video to hear the speech in its entirety. “The cost to the taxpayer is millions of dollars for 900 hundred buses that pollute the air, at the same time the Liberals are running commercials telling carpool parents to turn off their car!

We Should Thank You?

Hey Barry you promised us “Hope and Change” You claim the economy is picking up momentum and that we should be patient and that hard times are upon us. Double dip recessions are real and one in seven American’s living in poverty isn’t reason enough to say thank you! Vacations, bigger jets for your minions and snubbing the American people is egregious and your arrogance is haunting. We are only weeks away…and then Barry…The People will have their voices heard..

Thank You?..I don’t think so

You Will Hear Us In November

We are heading down the final stretch as we “The American Patriots” are determined to flip the house and possibly the senate on November 2, 2010
The progressive left is grasping at straws as it continues to malign the message of the Tea Party Movement as they have risen not only in power but in recognition. The movement is not only seen as a threat but has masterminded the nomination of several candidates across this nation to bring the message of “We The People” to the forefront. No longer will we remain silent as the federal government attempts to raise our taxes, take control of our healthcare, force cap and trade down our throats and continue to destroy the economy of our country for generations to come. According to Wallsten and Yadron

Already, the tea-party movement has helped to oust a number of incumbents and candidates backed by party leaders in this year’s GOP primaries amid complaints that they lacked commitment to small-government principles. The poll findings suggest that the rising influence of the movement, with its push to cut spending and oppose the Democratic agenda, will drive the GOP to become more conservative and less willing to seek common ground on policy.

We are seeking candidates that will hold true to the principles and values this country was founded upon. Once they realize they will answer to us, those who pandered to us will only be in office a short time as now with “the sleeping giant” awake, no longer will we allow the deception and lies to govern us. This is a nation of the people by the people and today that statement holds more meaning than it did several hundred years ago when they were penned by our founding fathers.We are fed up and we aren’t going to stand for this any longer…..

The Color of Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness

It is given that the title of my blog A Patriotic Nurse is that I am a nurse! I work Oncology at a faith based hospital. October is the month that we acknowledge Breast Cancer and every year we bring attention to the cause in hopes of not only finding a cure but to help women be in control of their lives and of their bodies. While I normally write about political issues we are facing as a nation. I was compelled to write this post in hopes of possibly opening the eyes of some of my readers to be aware. With the passing of the healthcare reform the law requires education regarding prevention in young women. According to David Liu, his article “Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Physical Activity,Depression, Healthcare Reform” he states:

The law also provides $9 million annually between 2010 and 2014 for groups to help young women with breast cancer. Under the law, the National Institutes of health will develop new screening methods to prevent breast in young women and improve early detection, which is believed to cut risk of dying of the disease.

Breast cancer is diagnosed in 250,000 women in the United States and 10 percent of them are younger than 45 years, according to the American Cancer Society.

I have seen survivors and I’ve witnessed the alternative each met with great emotion as only one who has fought this battle would know. So if you are a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother of someone who has had this cancer please get yourself screened. It could save your life.