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Obama’s Dirty Little Secret


   What will her future hold for her? What does it hold for any of us, if Obama’s health care reform is pushed through as fast as his now ill fated stimulus bill? As a nurse, I have seen the problems that the elderly have faced with rising cost of medications. My own parents spend an enormous amount of money each month for prescriptions that are greatly needed for them to sustain a sense of normalcy in their life. They have had to buy additional insurance to help with the cost of growing old. Something that medicare was intended for but was misused and mishandled. Yes, I agree that we do need to make some changes to the current system. However, the changes that Obama is wanting to implement is starting to resemble the Holocaust.
According to his plan people that suffer from certain diseases such as cancer,alzheimer’s or osteoporosis to name a few would be subject to a review or an evaluation if you may to see if treating these illnesses would be in the best interest of the patient. Since when do we need the Federal Government dictating to us how to treat our parents or someday ourselves?
This should set off an alarm throughout this nation that what he is proposing is nothing more than genocide. Betsy McCaughey, who served as Lieutenant Governor of New York from 1995-1998 has been an out spoken critic of this health care reform. It is time to take notice and listen and understand what is being proposed and attempted to be passed in such a short time. Please get involved, fax, call, write letters, attend protest to your represenatives that we cannot let this happen in our lifetime or for those of the future.
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Prayers for Pfc.Bergdahl

art_bergdahl_fp%20 MY Heart goes out to this young man (Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl, 23) who was captured by heartless terrorist, that have little if no regard for human life,especially American’s who so bravely and unselfishly give of themselves to serve and to protect and keep us free. We must be adamant and call upon this administration to demand a quick release of this young man. He has a family, girlfriend that love him and long for his safe return. He also has a nation that stand with him and will not be satisifed until he is back on American soil unscathed and unharmed. President Obama, we the people are demanding this not be swept aside so you can continue to lobby for your health care reform, a man’s life hangs in balance~don’t let his blood be on your hands.
I call upon all of you, regardless of party affiliation to demand his release and keep him in your prayers~ Bring pft. Bergdahl home~
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A Quote from 1944

~I recieved this via e-mail from a very good friend,( Laffsaloud). We share a common love of country and concern regarding the direction in which our country is being led~Candidate4053

   Norman Mattoon Thomas (November 20, 1884- December 19, 1968) was a leading American socialist, pacifist, and six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America.

   The Socialist Party candidate for President of the US, Norman Thomas, said this in a 1944 speech:

The American People will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt ever fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened.” He went on futher to say: “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform.

~If you aren’t scared, you’re NOT LISTENING~


vintage_patriotic_nurse_poster-p228536626801085763t5ta_400     Hi and welcome to “A Patriotic Nurse.” I have been a blogger  for a brief period, using another service but wanted to expand my experience. I am passionate about our Country and very concerned in which the direction we are being led. I firmly believe that our Constitution must be upheld and that we can no longer remain silent as  this administration attempts to expand our government, take over private corporations and attempts to nationalize our health care. We cannot sit idly by and allow future generation’s pay for the policies and the debt that has been incurred within the past few months from the current administration. We must never forget that we were created as one nation under God and that our government was designed to be for the people, by the people. We can NO longer be the SILENT MAJORITY if we want to survive as our forefather’s envisioned.
I hope that those of you that have followed my blog will continue to do so and I hope to gain new followers! Thank you for your patience as I arrange my widgets and the fun stuff that makes visiting blogs enjoyable. I appreciate each and everyone that takes time out to visit and make comments


~Today as we celebrated our Independence many cities across our great nation held TeaParty’s to protest this administration’s attempt to take over corporations, expand the government and control every aspect of our lives~These are a few scenes from Louisville, Kentucky on this 4th of July~ Patriotic speeches were given, prayers lifted up for our nation that is being ruled by a tyrannical government, one without principles or values but of greed and power~ We can no longer remain silent, this is the time to raise our voices, time to take back our country~ We cannot any longer be the SILENT MAJORITY~

~A plea to end the rhetoric of change~

~Calling for closed borders & for investigations~

~A view of City Hall where a Liberal Mayor rules without regard~

~stop being irresponsible with our money~

~A message that will be disregarded as long as we remain silent~

~Get Congress to understand that we’ve had enough~


Our we a nation divided instead of being united? I say yes we are….We were offered “change and hope” during the campaign of Barack Hussein Obama and we’ve seen the change but the “hope” remains to be seen or is it”hopelessness”that we now feel.

We changed; because now our government is taking over businesses, our banking, promoting infanticide, twisting our health-care delivery to mimic Europe’s and Canada’s, that has sent their citizens to come to the U.S. for the care that they have to wait for, instead of being readily available.

Our economy is now more in debt to other countries than at anytime in our history. The spending started with George Bush and has only escalated with the coming of Obama. We now have a budget that is in the trillions of dollars, a legacy that will surely be left to our grandchildren and of those to come.

We have politicians that are more geared for the power they seek rather by governing by the principles of which they lack. We live in a time when the speaker of the house calls a major government entity liars, a vice president who divulges vital information. A president who surrounds himself with people of questionable character.

What happened to the candidates that put the people first? Remember them, they would listen to us and would seek the opinions of their constituents and govern accordingly. We need to seek these characteristics in the candidates that we in the future attempt to put into office. Our needs and that of our families should be first and foremost on their minds as they legislate to bring about laws that affect each and every one of us.

~~Interstate I65~~

I know many of you will find this humorous or simply discard as a over zealous imagination, but this has been reported more and more often. Maybe it is time we take heed and listen to the message being sent to us.

Interstate I65 covers a large portion of our great nation going from north to south. In southern Indiana it has been reported by not one but many travelers have felt compelled to pull over and pick up a particular hitch-hiker, often bewildered as why they felt compelled to do such a thing since it was hardly their normal behavior to do such a thing, especially in times when the economy is so bad and people have had to resort to some questionable behaviors.

Recently an elderly woman, who is a member of the church of one my co-workers relayed her experience on I65.. “I was traveling along and suddenly this strange compulsion to stop and pick up a young man standing along side of the road.” She trembled as she pulled over for never had she ever done such a thing. She was somewhat taken back when the young man got into the back seat, and became somewhat nervous. It wasn’t long before the nervousness went away and a sense of total bewilderment overcame her.

While driving along the interstate, the young man in the back seat remained calm, not saying much. The driver would frequently check her rear view mirror to observe his behavior, when suddenly he spoke…..

“His lips are on the trumpet”

The elderly woman began to shake and when she looked into the mirror to check once more to see the young man, she was astonished to see the back seat vacant! She began to cry and to sob, pulling over to the shoulder of the road was her only recourse. A knock on the window startled her and there stood a State Trooper, she rolled down the window and he asked if she was alright, when she relayed the experience, he stated,”you are the sixth person today to report such an occurrence.”

Maybe this is a message that we should not ignore. Life has become more difficult and our faith as been under seige. This may be folklore or it could be the truth~only Our God knows for sure and in him we should place our Trust~