A New Beginning…….

100_0177 September 12, 2009 marked a new beginning for America. People from all walks of life, of various cultures and ethnicity gathered in front of our capital to send a resounding message to this administration that we are speaking with one voice. People came from every corner of this great nation to converge on Washington to march on Pennsylvania Ave.  

     It was a day I will cherish for a life time, I was in awe as Sma’ Talk Wi’ T and I arrived at the metro station to find a line that swelled into the parking lot. People with flags, signs, and hearts full of patriotism waited in lines to buy the metro pass that would take them into the city. We were strangers but yet we all had the same goal, the same intentions. We loved our country and we were determined to take a stand. The ride on the metro was resilient, with each passing of a metro stop we cheered as we saw others anxiously wanting to join on our train! The mood was electric..as we pulled into our stop and the doors opened we poured out in droves and ascended the great steps of the darkness of the underground that we were in. What a site that awaited us! People were everywhere, the march had already started and it was barely 10:30 in the morning..I could feel the adrenaline rushing..without hesitation I joined the thousands already in the street..we chanted..”you lie’..”Can You Hear Us Now”..”Freedom” and “USA, USA, USA”…it seemed that as we marched our numbers grew and no matter what direction you turned there were people…the sidewalks were full, vendors appeared in the midst with the message that “capitalism” was still alive, selling pretzels and bottled water. The sky was cloudy and grey but our determination was not hindered.
As we made our way around to the opening to get in with the crowd that was directly in front of the capital, we met resistance! Yes, the capital police tried to hold us back…using the excuse that the area was full [they lied too]. We had seen by making our way around the wall that there was still many areas left for people to gather. One officer with a bullhorn climbed on top of a cornerstone and with a bull horn demanded we move to the over flow area. They clearly didn’t want the media to be able to show the number of people who actually had gathered. Temper’s started to flare but we held firm in our resolve to gain entrance, some started to chant, “let us in, let us in”..the officers remained indignant but when we noticed that some were leaving the area, we quickly slithered through an opening and quickly made our way up close. The police didn’t try to stop us and many filled in behind us!
We heard many speeches that day, all declaring a love of our God, our Country and our Constitution and how our rights were being squandered. We were encouraged to not let this surge of patriotism stop on this day but to let this day mark a “new beginning”..to hold the people we elect to the values and principles that are the foundation of our constitution. We vowed to carry this message home with us and to spread the message to our families, friends and to our communities and to work together to bring about real change for America…I was quoted by Nafeesa Syeed how this hadn’t started with Obama, meaning that it had been coming for a number of years, not only by his predecessor but by many that have held his title, but that this administration has attempted to take this country in a direction that finally awakened us to the tyranny and control that our government was trying to ram down our throats. I told her how this country was founded on the principle of being ruled by the people, for the people and that we were being ignored. That it was time we elected people who truly represented the middle class that we have heard so much about. I told her how many in Washington of both parties were clueless to the struggles of the middle class and how we wanted true representation. She went on to ask me about Glenn Beck and asked if I was upset that he was not at the rally, I explained that it wasn’t about Beck, that he was not the issue, nor was his presence required. Beck has done his Patriotic duty, he awakened the sleeping giant! We will return next year and every year until our elected officials start to take us seriously and listen to the will of the American public for if they refuse…we will continue to vote them out…A new beginning as begun…we are going to take our country back……………………………………………………














12 responses to “A New Beginning…….

  1. I was there too. I felt the tremendous pride as we silently raised the hearts of the masses — of every different walk in life to come out and support one union: that gov’t is out of control and spending must be checked. Outside that mission there were many differences, philosophies. Dispite, the respectful crowd never backed down from their guiding principle.

    Today, I am ashamed of our media far more than ever before. Disgusted by the lack of coverage. One could say they were unprepared for us because we silently gathered. In all breaking news events, there are local reporters available but who chose to stick their heads in the sand. Shame, shame on our media.

    But, you as with all the patriots there and at home scraping for the news coverage and sending it out to their friends, family and followers, we will overcome this issue. Whether we must gather at the capitols of every state and in every town.

    This movement is turned on…thanks to you and all the others.

    • Yes, I agree that this movement is definitely turned on and if we must gather at our state capitals then let it be so! I was up close to the stage before the closing of the event and saw several news outlets there filming coverage, I too, am appalled at their lack of coverage of the most controversial day in our history when, I would safely speculate, that millions of conservatives gathered in one site to have their voices heard!
      We will not be quiet any longer …We will not be silenced! Looking forward to reading your site! Appreciate the time you took to comment!!

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  4. Beautiful! I am so proud of my fellow Americans right now!!! Thank you for sharing these pictures and videos and telling your story!

    I took around 1,000 pictures and videos of my own. No one can deny this event happened!!



    and more!!

    I will never, never, never forget 9/11 and now I will never, never, never forget 9/12.

    We will take this country back from the Statists!!!!!

    • Yes, we will take our Country back!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and I look forward to viewing your pictures as well! I was up to all night posting pictures and doing my videos..I have many that haven’t been posted yet! An incredible day in our history and I am thankful that I was a part of it! I too, will never forget either of these occasions..

  5. Hey!

    Thanks very much for publishing these! I’m sorry I wasn’t there.
    I was angry when Sean Hannity said the DC Police WOULD NOT take a head count.


    • I have lots more published at resist.net this is a great conservative group, I met the national leader in Washington on Friday night before the march. They have a Kentucky group and you can join the district 3 group as well. Thanks for visiting!

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  7. kevrightwinger

    Brilliantly written Erica! It was like I was almost there. I can’t believe you went so far back on your blog to find this just for me. You have always been so special to me. I hope you know that.

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