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Herman Cain…A Re-Founding Father To Restore America

Many years ago a nation was founded not by politicians like the ones we know today but by average everyday citizens. They came from all walks of life, farmers, plantation owners, doctors, lawyers and…businessmen. These people are what today we refer to as “Our founding fathers”…Together they laid out historical documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.
“…At the time of the Constitutional Convention, six individuals were major land speculators, including Robert Morris and Wilson. In addition to these land speculators, twelve Founding Fathers such as Mason and Washington owned or managed slave-operated plantations or large farms. Madison also owned slaves. Franklin, Robert Morris, and Sherman had jobs working with securities. Thirteen people were businessmen, merchants, or shippers, including Robert Morris, Sherman, and Wilson. Two of the less known Fathers, Broom and Few, were small farmers. Supplementing his other employment, Franklin was known as a scientist. Although not as well know, McClurg, McHenry, and Williamson were physicians, and Johnson was a university president. Madison studied theology and thirty-five Founding Fathers had legal training as lawyers. Most of the Founding Fathers were employed in more than one type of occupation. Just as the occupations differed, so did the economic status of these men. Most of the Founding Fathers incomes ranged from good to excellent. Washington and Robert Morris ranked among the nation’s most prosperous men. Although all of the Founding Fathers managed to live comfortably, among those with the most difficult economic statuses were Madison and Sherman. Madison received a major part of his income from public office. Riches came to Gouverneur Morris, Randolph, and Washington by being born into leading families. Others like Franklin, Hamilton, and Sherman were self-made men who had risen from humble beginnings. The Founding Fathers experienced a variety of occupations after the convention as well. Most were successful, although Robert Morris and Wilson, among others, suffered serious financial burdens that left them in or near bankruptcy. Washington and Madison became President of the United States. Cabinet posts were attained by Hamilton, Madison, and Randolph. Nineteen men became U.S. senators including Gouverneur Morris, Robert Morris, and Sherman. Sherman and Madison also served in the House of Representatives. Wilson served as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Most of the delegates helped the new government they had worked to create.”
Today in the 21th century we have a new group of people much like those who fought oppression from tyranny. I like to think of Glenn Beck as being the pamphleteer of our time, unlike Paul Revere who rode a horse warning about the British coming, today’s world has evolved and with technology comes a new way of warning the nation of what lies ahead of us. For you naysayers who want to mock Beck’s passion for enlightening the American people of the perils that lie ahead, we just may have the last laugh as you become bewildered by the egregious mishaps of this current administration and can’t figure out why or how this happened to you.
Gas prices at an all time high, with the possibility of it being over five dollars by mid summer…our economy is worse today as it was when Barack Obama became our 44th President. Record unemployment, housing markets tanking with no light visible at the end of the tunnel and yet after two and half years the liberal pundits and this administration want to continue to blame George W. Bush…borrowing one of the progressive’s key words, “clearly” this socialistic progressive administration doesn’t realize that the ball is now and has been in their court and history will judge them not Bush for their actions or the lack of leadership or to follow through on the empty promises made along the campaign trail in ’08 as well as now in 2011 as we prepare to bring real change to DC.
There is a new train moving across the country and it’s that of Herman Cain, a non politician whose message is gaining momentum and is resonating across the air waves, internet. Cain has stated that, “we’ve been electing politicians and how that is working out for us”…Beck this week spoke with Cain this week for an hour and it was from that episode to which inspired this post as Cain reminds me of “Our founding fathers“…I prefer to think of him as a “re-founding father” of our nation. His common sense solutions for getting America back on track to the true core values in which this nation was founded upon.

Be sure and make note that Cain will be in New Hampshire June 13, 2011 at 7 p.m. (you can set it to send you an email to remind you to tune in) and you can donate to support in his efforts to restore America for future generations to come.

Conservative Change For Kentucky:Lt.Col.Todd Lally

A Patriotic Nurse is proud to endorse Todd Lally for Congress. Lally is running to unseat incumbent John Yarmouth (D-KY) who has aligned himself with Pelosi, Reid, and Obama and has supported them with their attempts to dismantle this country and usurp the very principles in which this nation was founded upon. Like Sen. Scott Brown Todd is a private citizen who has decided to answer the call to duty once again to restore, protect and defend America. Some interesting facts regarding Todd Lally is that he:

Is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Kentucky Air National Guard and a pilot on the C-130 Hercules. Having served in the military for 22 years, he is a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. He is graduate of the Academy of Military Science and the Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Center and the Air-Operations Officer for the 123rd Contingency Response Group, a rapidly deployable force that can open and conduct airlift missions out of remote or damaged airfields. This group is the first Air Force personnel to arrive at a location to survey the airfield and perform combat or humanitarian operations. Lally is the recipient of two Air Medals. The first medal was for flying 50 missions into war torn Bosnia supplying the civilian population with food and medicine. The second medal was for saving a Seattle man’s life in the Atlantic Ocean. He also is a crash investigator for the U.S. Air Force.

On the issues Lally is a strong candidate and therefore my choice to be my voice in Washington:

The only candidate who has a record of supporting right to life, traditional marriage, and believes our country should have judges on the Supreme Court who strictly follow the Constitution and will resist judicial activism. Todd is very proud to have been endorsed by Kentucky Right to Life in his run for the Kentucky’s Third Congressional District.

On the topic of health-care Lally feels:

Our healthcare system is in more trouble now than it has ever been. With the passage of Obamacare, we have stepped into new territory. We have redefined the relationship between taxpayer dollars and funding for abortion, we have enacted the first federal mandate that every US citizen must purchase a product.

Lally feels strongly about Taxes:

In this greatest land of opportunity, “wealthy” has become a dirty word with certain politicians. Given that many of these people are entrepreneurs and small business owners, attacking them into submission doesn’t just hurt them, but the dozens and hundreds of employees they may lay off. I will not continue the congressional policies of creeping up the middle-class tax burden or punishing small business owners. Instead, I favor a tax code that lets ALL Americans keep more of their hard-earned money.

As for jobs Lally feels that:

Jobs are created by business, not by government. Government serves to protect businesses and consumers from collusion, corruption, and misuse of monopolistic control. Government should manage these tasks with as little extraneous impact on business as possible

I feel very strongly that Todd Lally is the man we need to fight the cap and trade that is currently being supported in Congress. The legislation is merely taking money out of our pockets and putting Americans out of work.
I am humbled to know how he feels about the men and women that daily put their lives in harms way to protect the rights we enjoy and often take for granted. His stance on National Security is:

No one loves peace more than the soldier that bleeds for it. As your Congressman I will continue to support a strong national security policy that provides for the world’s most dominant military, but one that also integrates the other instruments of national power into a cohesive, comprehensive and seamless defense strategy.

Visit his website donate, support, vote! Vote for the true conservative and lets take our country back!

~~~~~~~DREAM DATE~~~~`

~~I don’t have a problem with a man taking his wife out on a date, I find this to be romantic and a lovely display of the committment to his love for her.~~
~~This however, isn’t just any couple, and this was hardly your average date! When was the last time you were whisked off to New York City on a private jet, enjoyed a “quiet dinner” for two and then escorted through the streets of NYC by an escort of paid city employees to catch a Broadway play?
~~Its been a while hasn’t it! ~~~~~
~~Do you think that Barry gave it any thought with the country being in the worst financial shape since the great depression. Our deficit continues to grow by leaps and bound, we are experiencing huge numbers of people joining the ranks of the unemployed. Iconic American companies are being forced to file bankruptcy while this administration
plans to have full control.~~
~~Has Marie Antoinette been reincarnated as Barack Hussein Obama? It seems this could be the case with his blatant disregard of the problems facing the “average American family” with his let them “eat cake” attitude. It amazes me how he has been able to mesmerize the public or the ones that have apparently drank too much of the “electric kool-aid,”by the display of worshipping that was witnessed in NYC when they went on the date that cost the American tax payer twenty-four thousand dollars for this “promised date.” Yes, $24,000.00 was what was spent so he could fulfill a campaign promise to his endearing wife, Michelle.~~
~~Just watch this video and see for yourself how mesmerized the people of NYC and the main stream media has fallen prey to the woe’s of “The One.” Barry’s famous campaign slogan of, “yes we can,” has now turned around to say “NO WE CAN’T”……