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Simply could not pass up this opportunity to bring some laughter for my readers! This was shared on Twitter and is a must see for everyone~sit back and be prepared to laugh like you haven’t for some time!!!!



Would like to take this time to wish everyone a safe and patriotic 4th of July~ A time to reflect on the sacrifices that were given for us to celebrate this most joyous occassion~ May we never take for granted our right to freedom of speech, the right to assemble or the right to be armed~

~There are many TeaParty’s across the nation, go and raise your voice against the taxation without representation, say NO to a larger government having a say in your life~ Join the cause, it is the time to be the Silent Majority No More~


~This is not a call to battle, to go to war, but a call for those who believe in the rights of freedom of speech, the right to assemble and the right to live in a land free of oppression to stand with us for ~ A FREE IRAN~
~On the social site “Twitter” we have witnessed a wave of green avatar’s as we show our support for our brothers and sisters fighting an unjust, fraudulent, oppressive and tyrannical regime.~
~As we approach the 4Th of July and we celebrate our independence let us remember their suffrage and take not for granted what we inherited~


~Our founding fathers tried to warn us, but did we listen? If we had would our Country be where she is now? Would we have the problems with over taxation, bigger government, an economy growing by leaps and bounds? No, we would have ONE NATION UNDER GOD~ as it was intended, but we have failed…We have let one who lacks the principles and the values of these great men to occupy the highest office in the land…Now we have to listen to these words, take in their meanings and remember that as we take back our country that we can no longer remain silent…….


~It saddens me to think that many of our veterans are living on the streets, not being honored for their sacrifice that they gave for us to continue to have the life we so much take for granted~
~Where is the justice of this? How can we continue to send our young off to war if we do not show them the appreciation for what they have so bravely and selfishly given?

~This is one American who takes pride and gives you praise for what you have done for this country and as God as my Witness, I will do all that I can do to make sure your sacrifices are not in vain and that what you have done for this country will not go unnoticed~THANK YOU seems so little for something so important~

To help a veteran visit:


~Mr. President, I am a Nurse, I work with the terminally ill ~your plan to end funding for them simply appalls me~I am in disgust, I hope as this picture reflects that you are in deep thought, maybe it should be with your “Almighty, your Creator,” and you should beg for forgiveness for such a display of lack of compassion for those facing the end of their life.
~Have you not heard of dying with dignity? A “pain pill”isn’t always the answer, sir. What a sad way to honor your grandmother in such a way.
~Dying with dignity entails living out your end days without pain or suffering. Often that requires some medical interventions. We provide oxygen, medication such as Morphine to alleviate pain. We also involve the family in these decisions, Mr. President. We do not need our Government involved in our lives at such dire time in our lives. Surgery is ruled out for patients who have certain conditions that would prevent a surgical procedure. This however, is discussed with family, not the Government.
~We provide care that we in the medical field refer to as “comfort measures,” and yes sometimes test are performed.~
~We also utilize the services of Hospirus or in some areas they are still referred to as Hopice.
~They work primarily with the dying patient and family often providing bereavement counseling after the family goes through this most difficult life experience. Once again, Mr. President you don’t cease to amaze me with your attitude that the Government is the solution to all of our problems.


~Neda Soltan, 26, killed in the streets of Tehran~one voice~one image~NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN~


~For my Dad~
Dad, words cannot begin to describe the admiration or love that I feel for you. You are my “hero, my friend, my dad.” I am so thankful that God sent me to you to guide me and to pick me up when I fell. You sacrificed so much for me and always made sure that I had what I wanted, or at least what you felt I needed. You worked hard to provide for a family, you were always home with us, you never wandered.You gave me comfort, you taught me how to drive, oh, what patience you showed!
It was you Dad, that taught me about hard work and the importance of doing my best.
Times have changed Dad, as you well know, life has taken us down many roads with curves and bumps along the way. However, with all of the obstacles along the way, the one thing that remained consistent was your love for me, and my siblings. This is a love that I will cherish forever. Your smiles, your humor and the sound of your laughter will always hold a special place in my heart. Dad, I love you so~


~Iran we stand with you for FREEDOM, we hear your pleas and we have watched your videos~they have touched the hearts of many American~we support you, we pray for you, may the deaths of the ones lost be not in vain~

~ Our Heavenly Father, hear their pleas and deliver them from the evil that has kept them captive for so long, please end their suffering and bring them into the life of freedom that is a GOD given right~Amen


~Mr. Obama, you recently stated that we are no longer a nation founded under God. Most likely you believe this because spent so long attending a church and listening to the hate that spewed from the one that was your spiritual guider, the one who officiated your wedding and baptized your daughters.
~I am sorry that you’ve been so misled to think that we would abandoned the very principles that our forefathers set forth as they went about designing our great country.
~It saddens me to see that God is being pushed off to the side, his name being left off of monuments, our public buildings. Some are even trying to get his name off our currency, you know the type that you are so busy having printed to further escalate us into complete financial ruins! I know you have a busy schedule, I mean you are running a government, something that is new to you (since you have no business background) and things at the new Government Motors are taking up a lot of your time and now that you are seeking to take over main stream media with the up coming special with ABC in the blue room. I would like for you to just take a few minutes and to watch this video and learn about the real America and how she was really founded and yes, you might pay special attention to the names of your predecessors as they understood how God played such an important part of our lives…..