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obama_270208_narrowweb__300x512,0 Who is this man and why is he really the President of the United States of America?
Those of us who wish that this president would just release his birth certificate once and for all are now being referred to by the “main stream media” as “Birthers.” I still like the term, “right wing extremist,” because it speaks to the very core of why we are calling for him to just release the certificate once and for all. However, the “liberal leftist elitist,” obviously love to come up with these acronyms to further this administration’s ability to deflect from the real issues at hand, one being his eligibility to serve as commander in chief. We have witnessed countless news stories regarding those in the Military who refuse to serve under him until an “authentic” record of his birth has been released. If he wasn’t eligible why are there countless law-suits filed asking for proof and yet, they are all either dismissed or ignored. Is this the Chicago style thuggery at work? These questions I am afraid will continue to hang over this administration and continue to linger until the truth comes out once and for all.


MilitaryMonday~A Tribute

soldiers MilitaryMonday is a popular trend on the social site Twitter. Starting this week A Patriotic Nurse plans to devote each Monday with a tribute to our servicemen and their families, showcasing the sacrifices they give for us to continue to live in the land of the free.
I was recently in downtown Louisville, it was a bright sunny warm July day, people were scurring about going about their lives in this hectic pace we call life. I started noticing several men in uniform from various branches of the armed forces. Many were focused upon their mission to accomplish what ever task it was before them. As I was crossing the street to meet my appointment, my eyes met with this very proud stoic soldier, dressed in fatiques with his beret proudly adorned. He looked into my eyes and I was so elated that finally one of them had made eye contact with me, so I smiled and squeezed his arm and was able to finally say, “thank you for all you all are doing for us!” He flashed a big smile and without losing his stoic stance and replied, “Thank you mam!” For me that will forever remain a fond memory.
We should always take the time to let them know how much we appreciate the service and sacrifice that they have so bravely and unselfishly given to us. But we must not forget the ones who are left behind, the wives and mothers who are often left to raise a family on their own while constantly worrying about their spouse off in a foreign land. So for this first post to support #MilitaryMonday, I dedicate it to you, the wife, the mother, the father as it is in some cases who remain behind and are often forgotten. I want to say thank you for the sacrifices that you have made while your brave loved one is off fighting for this country to remain free! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU ARE DOING”

Palin Bids Alaska Farewell With Her Head Held High

sarah_palin Today Alaska says goodbye to a Governor that has made a huge impact not only for their state but that of a faltering nation. They bid her farewell with pride and with the hope that she will run for president in 2012. This all remains to be seen, but one thing for certain is that Sarah Palin isn’t retreating, she will not cower or succumb to the ridicule that has been unfairly placed upon her and her family. If anything this, in my opinion has only made her stronger. More confident that she can rise above the slings and arrows that have thrown her way since running as the first woman republican candidate for vice-president. The main stream media, SNL and David Letterman have all made their lame jabs at her intelligence, character but it will Sarah that will be the one coming out on top no matter what direction she decides for herself and her family.
She has been going throughout the state bidding farewell to loyal supporters by attending picnics and being the ever so authentic person that she always has been. She is a woman that proudly declares her love for her country, the military that so bravely serves our great nation. We will not hear Palin on a apologizing tour, but we will hear a message of one that radiates Patriotism, honor and love of country. Sarah, I so agree with the people of Alaska as they shout out their love for you and for God’s blessing for you and your family!

A Clear Concise Message

Gingrich delivered powerful messages regarding what could possibly happen to this country if we continue to lose our stance in the world as being a nation of power and prestige. Our security seems to have been pushed aside with the current administration as it seems they are vetted into bringing about their socialistic agenda to the American public such as tripling our deficit, expanding our government and revamping our health care without as much as reading the bills or being “transparent” as was promised along the campaign trail.
There has been many specualtions regarding the right of Obama to serve as commander in chief. That is not what this post is concerned with, but to learn more about this highly sensitive topic you can read more here.
There is a powerful video now on youtube that merits viewing because it demonstrates how this issue is being hidden from us. video
Newt’s message is real and could possibly become a reality. We must be prepared for what ever may come our way, I pray that we never have to endure this type of catastrophe in our life time or that of our children and grandchildren. We should try to avoid this being our legacy to the future.

Obama’s Dirty Little Secret


   What will her future hold for her? What does it hold for any of us, if Obama’s health care reform is pushed through as fast as his now ill fated stimulus bill? As a nurse, I have seen the problems that the elderly have faced with rising cost of medications. My own parents spend an enormous amount of money each month for prescriptions that are greatly needed for them to sustain a sense of normalcy in their life. They have had to buy additional insurance to help with the cost of growing old. Something that medicare was intended for but was misused and mishandled. Yes, I agree that we do need to make some changes to the current system. However, the changes that Obama is wanting to implement is starting to resemble the Holocaust.
According to his plan people that suffer from certain diseases such as cancer,alzheimer’s or osteoporosis to name a few would be subject to a review or an evaluation if you may to see if treating these illnesses would be in the best interest of the patient. Since when do we need the Federal Government dictating to us how to treat our parents or someday ourselves?
This should set off an alarm throughout this nation that what he is proposing is nothing more than genocide. Betsy McCaughey, who served as Lieutenant Governor of New York from 1995-1998 has been an out spoken critic of this health care reform. It is time to take notice and listen and understand what is being proposed and attempted to be passed in such a short time. Please get involved, fax, call, write letters, attend protest to your represenatives that we cannot let this happen in our lifetime or for those of the future.
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Prayers for Pfc.Bergdahl

art_bergdahl_fp%20 MY Heart goes out to this young man (Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl, 23) who was captured by heartless terrorist, that have little if no regard for human life,especially American’s who so bravely and unselfishly give of themselves to serve and to protect and keep us free. We must be adamant and call upon this administration to demand a quick release of this young man. He has a family, girlfriend that love him and long for his safe return. He also has a nation that stand with him and will not be satisifed until he is back on American soil unscathed and unharmed. President Obama, we the people are demanding this not be swept aside so you can continue to lobby for your health care reform, a man’s life hangs in balance~don’t let his blood be on your hands.
I call upon all of you, regardless of party affiliation to demand his release and keep him in your prayers~ Bring pft. Bergdahl home~
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A Quote from 1944

~I recieved this via e-mail from a very good friend,( Laffsaloud). We share a common love of country and concern regarding the direction in which our country is being led~Candidate4053

   Norman Mattoon Thomas (November 20, 1884- December 19, 1968) was a leading American socialist, pacifist, and six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America.

   The Socialist Party candidate for President of the US, Norman Thomas, said this in a 1944 speech:

The American People will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt ever fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened.” He went on futher to say: “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform.

~If you aren’t scared, you’re NOT LISTENING~


vintage_patriotic_nurse_poster-p228536626801085763t5ta_400     Hi and welcome to “A Patriotic Nurse.” I have been a blogger  for a brief period, using another service but wanted to expand my experience. I am passionate about our Country and very concerned in which the direction we are being led. I firmly believe that our Constitution must be upheld and that we can no longer remain silent as  this administration attempts to expand our government, take over private corporations and attempts to nationalize our health care. We cannot sit idly by and allow future generation’s pay for the policies and the debt that has been incurred within the past few months from the current administration. We must never forget that we were created as one nation under God and that our government was designed to be for the people, by the people. We can NO longer be the SILENT MAJORITY if we want to survive as our forefather’s envisioned.
I hope that those of you that have followed my blog will continue to do so and I hope to gain new followers! Thank you for your patience as I arrange my widgets and the fun stuff that makes visiting blogs enjoyable. I appreciate each and everyone that takes time out to visit and make comments


Simply could not pass up this opportunity to bring some laughter for my readers! This was shared on Twitter and is a must see for everyone~sit back and be prepared to laugh like you haven’t for some time!!!!


~These are average Americans like you and me gathering to take back our Country~ ~Flags were every where waving FREELY in the Kentucky winds of real change~
~Patriots refusing to be disarmed, don’t mess with us~

~Citizens come together for Patriotic speeches, songs, and prayers~

~End the tyranny in Washington~

~Only elect those who will abide by the laws set forth in our Constitution~