Obama can’t create jobs but he can create “ATTACK WATCH”

Since November of 2008 we’ve seen many photographs of the President and his infamous Presidential “smug.” One has to wonder the reason for his blatant arrogance when his poll numbers continue to plummet and his leadership abilities have been in question. Apparently Obama only reads the desperate letters he often refers to reading but doesn’t feel the need to read bills but insist they be passed. His desperation has taken an all new low with the creation of a twitter page entitled @attackwatch and has launched a website by the same name; attack watch.

See a new attack on the President or his record? Use #attackwatch to report it and discuss attacks as they happen.

A screen shot of the above tweet had been copied and saved however uploading it for this post was prohibited due to it being a “security issue.” uh interesting!!!

Apparently Obama who touted being a Constitutional scholar must have missed the lecture regarding the first amendment ensuring Americans of the right to have freedom of speech. Americans have voiced their opinions regarding Presidential actions as far back as I can remember. Bush for years was raked over the coals by members of both parties, however, he accepted it and moved on. This administration is grasping for straws; focusing on “attacks” of his policies or the lack there of instead of focusing on the real issues facing Americans now in 2011 and very well could impact this nation for years to come.

Conservatives on twitter have turned this lame attempt of the administration back on them using the hash-tag #attackwatch on all tweets regarding the POTUS and his failed policies, ideology and socialist agenda. This most likely will fall by the way side much like their “flagging” attempts a few years ago. In fact this blog has been “flagged” there is a widget on the side bar declaring the fact but of course it was the Patriotic Nurse who actually flagged it out of fun!! Please enjoy the video below and see our government “at work.”


2012 Can’t get here any sooner!

4 responses to “Obama can’t create jobs but he can create “ATTACK WATCH”

  1. Obama is taking us into serious territories and means to intimidate and suppress dissent.

  2. We need to get rid of this guy, and I don’t mean in 2012 by voting republican, we’ve played that game long enough. It will most probably be too late if we wait a minute more to act. Whole states are being wiped out and he’s out with Tiny Tim trying peddle up support for a Euro bailout which would sink all of civilization into a Weimar style Hyper-Inflation… This is a disaster situation for a major portion of otherwise productive and decent American people and it is our moral obligation to act on their behalf to remove this nut job from office in a timely manner. There are the necessary provisions in our constitution to remove a president for being deficient for the purposes of carrying out his obligations and it would not be hard to apply them to this man, those provisions exist under the 25th Amendment, Article 4.. We are running out of time but we have a clear hand being extended to us from our Pacific neighbors in China and Russia, as they are beginning some of the most aggressive economic and scientific developments ever before seen and need our partnership to extend that development into the Bering Strait Tunnel project which has been spoken about for over a century. Watch this video as these people have figured out the strategic importance of these recent developments in the Eurasian world and as they (could) relate to our United States. http://larouchepac.com/node/19612

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  4. Wonder if George Soros paid for this site as well?

    ATTACK WATCH – Obama want’s you to Start Snitching!

    Read more: ATTACK WATCH – Obama want’s you to Start Snitching! | Political Cowardice http://www.politicalcowardice.com/2011/11/obama-can%e2%80%99t-create-jobs-but-he-can-create-%e2%80%9cattack-watch%e2%80%9d/#ixzz1cz1KeUEY

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