Prayers for Pfc.Bergdahl

art_bergdahl_fp%20 MY Heart goes out to this young man (Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl, 23) who was captured by heartless terrorist, that have little if no regard for human life,especially American’s who so bravely and unselfishly give of themselves to serve and to protect and keep us free. We must be adamant and call upon this administration to demand a quick release of this young man. He has a family, girlfriend that love him and long for his safe return. He also has a nation that stand with him and will not be satisifed until he is back on American soil unscathed and unharmed. President Obama, we the people are demanding this not be swept aside so you can continue to lobby for your health care reform, a man’s life hangs in balance~don’t let his blood be on your hands.
I call upon all of you, regardless of party affiliation to demand his release and keep him in your prayers~ Bring pft. Bergdahl home~
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4 responses to “Prayers for Pfc.Bergdahl

  1. I’m lifting him, his girlfriend, and his family up in prayer.

    Lord, have mercy!

  2. Thank you Jean! I pray that all will do the same and yes, “Lord have mercy, hear our prayer’s”

  3. Watching OReilly last night, Colonel Peters said the military is classifying his missing as being AWOL and desertion. They were discussing his mental state and being used by the Taliban. He wasn’t captured.

    • I heard that as well, I just hope that he will be found and gets the help that is needed. Our military are subjected to many things that could cause bizarre behavior. Lets just hope he is safe!

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