Obama’s Dirty Little Secret


   What will her future hold for her? What does it hold for any of us, if Obama’s health care reform is pushed through as fast as his now ill fated stimulus bill? As a nurse, I have seen the problems that the elderly have faced with rising cost of medications. My own parents spend an enormous amount of money each month for prescriptions that are greatly needed for them to sustain a sense of normalcy in their life. They have had to buy additional insurance to help with the cost of growing old. Something that medicare was intended for but was misused and mishandled. Yes, I agree that we do need to make some changes to the current system. However, the changes that Obama is wanting to implement is starting to resemble the Holocaust.
According to his plan people that suffer from certain diseases such as cancer,alzheimer’s or osteoporosis to name a few would be subject to a review or an evaluation if you may to see if treating these illnesses would be in the best interest of the patient. Since when do we need the Federal Government dictating to us how to treat our parents or someday ourselves?
This should set off an alarm throughout this nation that what he is proposing is nothing more than genocide. Betsy McCaughey, who served as Lieutenant Governor of New York from 1995-1998 has been an out spoken critic of this health care reform. It is time to take notice and listen and understand what is being proposed and attempted to be passed in such a short time. Please get involved, fax, call, write letters, attend protest to your represenatives that we cannot let this happen in our lifetime or for those of the future.
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