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September 17, 1787…….


We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Today we mark the anniversary of the Constitution of the United States of America. This is not only a day in which to remember the historical meaning behind this document but to remember for which it represents.
We see daily how this administration is trying to trample upon our rights as set forth in this document and how they are determined to undermine all that the founding fathers did to build the foundation of our beloved Country.
As mentioned many times in Washington, DC at the 9/12 rally we cannot sit idle and let this Country be transformed before our very eyes. It is our duty as American’s to protect and defend the rights as set forth in Our Constitution. We must continue to stand firm and oppose at every chance the type of change that is being forced upon us by attempting to reform our health-care to that of a more socialistic one, taking over corporations, expanding the government’s control in our lives. This is not the basis of this document, it was not then nor should it be now……..The time is now for us to be accountable, I agree with Scott Ritter, author of “Waging Peace”…..


~Now We Must Stand United~


~~Obama and Sotomayor appear in this picture as being very delighted upon his nomination of her to replace retiring Justice Souter of the Supreme Court of the United States. When observing Barry’s smile or grin, it brings one to question what is going through his mind at the time. Is it because as the first African-American president he has made his first appointment to the Supreme Court? Could it be that he is laughing to himself that he has once again managed to bring his liberal socialist agenda to light by nominating such a liberal and controversial person to the bench. Only time will tell………
~~What do we know of her? Her views on the second amendment is making gun owners across America wondering if their constitutional rights are in jeopardy. Pro-Life groups are up in arms because to date there are no opinions on record of her stance on abortion. It is known that she is one of the most liberal of judges on the circuit court, possibly more liberal than Souter.~~~~
~~Obama has stated that he wants someone to, “up hold the constitution and be empathetic.”
Empathy should not be considered when deliberating a case, only the laws as set forth in the constitution should be considered rendering personal feelings ineffective when hearing a case.~~
~~This will prove to be a challenging feat for conservatives as they interview her and hold her accountable for several of the controversial remarks that have surfaced of late; such as a “Latino woman is more capable of making a sound decision to that of a white man.” Does this not reek of racism? Karl Rove, former advisor for Pres. Bush and current Fox News analyst provides a keen observation regarding Sotomayor…..


I am sure this is one letter that ends up getting stamped,”return to sender.” Its a shame when a sitting president refuses to listen to reason, listen to the will of the people. ~
Its evident he is intent on bringing a socialist government, with the government regulating everything we do,what radio stations we can listen to, what medical needs are best for us. What type of autos we drive. He seems to think its ok to take over companies of Americans and regulate their every move. ~
He doesn’t care if the small business man is run out of business, can’t meet his payroll or that he has to let his devoted workers go and join the growing ranks of the unemployed. FELLOW AMERICANS, HE DOESN’T CARE! ~
Apparently when Barry was in college studying law and they were learning about our Constitution he was absent that week or simply showed up and stated,”present.” Its obvious as he has no regard for what our founding fathers meant when they wrote the historical document, just as he as no regard for the meaning of life.~
Yes, I am sure this letter will never reach his desk, but it is our duty as Americans to raise our voices, contact our elected officials and hold them to the principles in which this country was born. If for some reason they can’t legislate per the will of the people then we vote them out. Time is running short, we have to take back our country, one letter at a time.. we will start with this one…..

Mr Obama, a very special message for you

Mr. Obama, this is what WE THE PEOPLE ask of you, respect our Constitution, our Rights, Our Freedoms…..