You Will Hear Us In November

We are heading down the final stretch as we “The American Patriots” are determined to flip the house and possibly the senate on November 2, 2010
The progressive left is grasping at straws as it continues to malign the message of the Tea Party Movement as they have risen not only in power but in recognition. The movement is not only seen as a threat but has masterminded the nomination of several candidates across this nation to bring the message of “We The People” to the forefront. No longer will we remain silent as the federal government attempts to raise our taxes, take control of our healthcare, force cap and trade down our throats and continue to destroy the economy of our country for generations to come. According to Wallsten and Yadron

Already, the tea-party movement has helped to oust a number of incumbents and candidates backed by party leaders in this year’s GOP primaries amid complaints that they lacked commitment to small-government principles. The poll findings suggest that the rising influence of the movement, with its push to cut spending and oppose the Democratic agenda, will drive the GOP to become more conservative and less willing to seek common ground on policy.

We are seeking candidates that will hold true to the principles and values this country was founded upon. Once they realize they will answer to us, those who pandered to us will only be in office a short time as now with “the sleeping giant” awake, no longer will we allow the deception and lies to govern us. This is a nation of the people by the people and today that statement holds more meaning than it did several hundred years ago when they were penned by our founding fathers.We are fed up and we aren’t going to stand for this any longer…..


3 responses to “You Will Hear Us In November

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  2. Let’s only hope…
    Obama said that losing the House and/or Senate will stall his efforts. Good

  3. Randy and sue osborne

    We have voted rep for 50 years but this was our last vote to any rep running for office!!
    mr and mrs Osborne

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