A Clear Concise Message

Gingrich delivered powerful messages regarding what could possibly happen to this country if we continue to lose our stance in the world as being a nation of power and prestige. Our security seems to have been pushed aside with the current administration as it seems they are vetted into bringing about their socialistic agenda to the American public such as tripling our deficit, expanding our government and revamping our health care without as much as reading the bills or being “transparent” as was promised along the campaign trail.
There has been many specualtions regarding the right of Obama to serve as commander in chief. That is not what this post is concerned with, but to learn more about this highly sensitive topic you can read more here.
There is a powerful video now on youtube that merits viewing because it demonstrates how this issue is being hidden from us. video
Newt’s message is real and could possibly become a reality. We must be prepared for what ever may come our way, I pray that we never have to endure this type of catastrophe in our life time or that of our children and grandchildren. We should try to avoid this being our legacy to the future.


4 responses to “A Clear Concise Message

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  2. as a consequence of you for your report and it helped me in preparing my college assignment.

  3. She is a quitter. Imagine how you would be wailing if this was Obama or a Democrat.

    • Sharon, who are you speaking of? If its Palin, (not sure why you are posting this under this post), she isn’t quitting she is “reloading!” Wail if Obama quit? Are you serious, I would be dancing in the street..what part of this being a conservative blog did you not get? The Democratic party is unrecognizable to me! This is actually funny!

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